UPSC & TNPSC Motivational webinar series

UPSC & TNPSC Motivational webinar series

As most of the world has turned to digital meetings and remote conferences, it has become the need of the day for volunteers to look for digital initiatives to better serve our visually challenged aspirants. As such, LTL has successfully launched a Webinar series aimed at providing motivational and educational content to aspiring visually challenged scholars.

  • First webinar series was held on 20th June 2021, Sunday and our Guest speaker was Thiru. V. Nandakumar IRS, Additional Commissioner of Income Tax, Dept of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, Govt of India.
  • Followed by UPSC & TNPSC Exam orientation exclusively for visually challenged aspirants
    • Session 1: Indian Polity: 03.07.2021
    • Session 2: Indian Economy: 10.07.2021
    • Session 3: Indian History: 17.07.2021
    • Session 4: Geography: 24.07.2021
    • Session 5: Science & Technology: 31.07.2021
  • Second webinar series was held on 4th July 2021, Sunday and our Guest speaker was Smt. Dr. Pinky Jowel IAS, Special Secretary to Govt. Of Tamilnadu, Rural development and panchayat Raj.
  • Upcoming webinar series will be held on 25th July 2021, Sunday and our Guest speaker; Dr. Pradeep V.Philip IPS, Director General of Police (DGP) Director – Tamilnadu Police Academy

We have planned to conduct a long term ongoing monthly series of webinars specialising in various competitive exams and motivational content. We thank our special guests and volunteers who have made this possible. You can watch it on live and later on the recorded content in our Youtube channel . Please subscribe and share to reach maximum beneficiaries

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LTL Motivational Series

Series 1 by Nandakumar -

Series 2 by Pinky Jowel -

UPSC & TNPSC Exam orientation:

Indian Polity on 03.07.2021 by Nandakumar Sir -

Indian Economy on 10.07.2021 by Nandakumar Sir -

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