Covid19 Phase II - Lockdown Groceries support to Differently abled families

Covid19 Phase II - Lockdown Groceries support to Differently abled families

As our country still battles one of the worst pandemics ever to hit the world, LTL is continuing with our second phase to support differently abled families. As the government laid down strict lockdown regulations for the past month, once again our visually challenged brethren were put into a difficult situation. We received provision requests from over 1000 families. Hence, we decided to resume our lockdown grocery kit support and have so far reached 910 families.

Here is the district wise break-up of the families we have supported in the phase 2 lockdown grocery kit support

  1. Namakkal - 57 Families
  2. Chengalpattu - 104 Families
  3. Chennai - 42 Families
  4. Karur - 57 Families
  5. Virudhunagar -13 families
  6. Tuticorin - 26 Families
  7. Tiruvallur - 25 Families
  8. Krishnagiri - 80 Families
  9. Mayiladuthurai - 1 Family
  10. Villupuram - 13 families
  11. Tirupur - 194 Families
  12. Dharmapuri - 192 Families
  13. Nilgiris - 26 families
  14. Erode - 63 Families 15 Perambalur - 5 Families
  15. Cuddalore – 7 Families
  16. Thiruvanamalai - 5 Families

All our volunteering efforts continue to uphold the safety guidelines as instructed by the government and we ensure proper social distancing and hygiene protection while distributing the groceries.

We thank all our donors, well-wishers and volunteers for the amazing support for helping hundreds of families across Tamil Nadu. We also thank the generous sponsorship provided by the Genesys CSR team and the Majestic Exports, Tirupur who supplied us with 150 grocery kits. We would also like to appreciate the immense support the TN police department has been giving to our initiative and are extremely grateful for their continued support and service. They have provided an amazing service by collecting grocery kits and delivering it to every nook and corner to the affected families in this hour of need.

So far, we have been able to distribute groceries worth about INR 9.1 lakhs. This would not be possible without all your support and contribution. We expect your continued support to help reach more affected families and help them get through this unreasonable pandemic.

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