Audio Recording

Audio Recording

Lit the Light, with the dedicated group of volunteers, are involved in recording audiobooks for visually challenged students. Audio books are considered a highly preferable means to provide books to persons with Visual challenge as unlike Braille books that can go up to several volumes per book. Audio book has always been a popular medium among visually challenged students because only this kind book helps them study without other people's assistance and much easier for these students to get access to than others, since these are accessible through any medium like, computers, mobile phones, etc.

Our Audio books recording volunteers are from different parts of the world, like United States, United Kingdom, Bahrain/Middle East and our own India. Categories or languages we record are Tamil, English, English reading with explanation in Tamil, rarely in Hindi and Telugu too depending on the requirement. Our volunteers groups are maintained in WhatsApp by the Audiobook leads. Lead volunteers, compile and maintain the recorded files in the drive. Lit the Light is working towards Audio book library in our website for the students easy access.

Lit the Light appreciates all our dedicated volunteers, who have been supporting us with audio books. We value their priceless time spent on recording, every time on-time and high quality. Lit the Light acknowledges leads and coordinators our audiobook activity

  • Karthikeyan Alagu – Coordinator
  • Bhahirathi – Bahrain & Middle East
  • Chandra – USA
  • Priya – UK

Thank you all.

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